Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's Officially.....Official!

Hey to all my Satellite Sista's! officiially official. Our family is relocating to Denver Colorado!! When is the all going might ask? It's hard to say....I have NO IDEA? Mainly because I have a house to sell.....yeah....and it's just a great time to be selling a house in Florida! So....that is definitely ALL UP in the air! So please pray that would happen sooner than later.

And how are you suppose to take .....asking someone...."Did you hear about my news?" And the person doesn't even look up and actually turns their back to you and says....."Yep....I did."

Uhmmmmmm. Maybe I don't have to wonder what their really thinkin! I thought she would at least offer to help me pack!

Can a Sista get some "Love?" Or at least a packing party?

Love to all my Satellite Sista's anywho!!!



Olivia and Eric

Sure I'll come help! If it involves something with Cinnamon and I don't have to bend over to get anything...LOL!
I Miss you already!


Why am I finding out here?!!?

I called you yesterday...why you no ansa? {that was totally said in a CHinese accent}

I'll help you pack, I won't be happy but I'll fake it because I know you're happy!

Congrats to you and the Soul Mate!