Friday, March 5, 2010

Layers Of Dumb!

OK....I can't stand it any longer! If I have to hear .....just one more time from the idol judges...."this is the best group of contestants we've ever seen"......I think I am going to go GaGa Crazy! Seriously....."the Dawg" aka...Randy...keeps saying this over and over. we have layers of "dumb" written on our foreheads?

In my humble opinion..and ya'll know I have is THE
worst group of singers that have ever come out of American Idol.....
I'm just sayin!!

And this is "How We Know This To Be True"......

1- The look on Simon's face when the camera pans on to his face unexpectedly from a shot from the side as the contestants sing.....well...let's just say it's "priceless". There is one thing about Simon that I know to be true....his face cannot say's it all!

2- Paula Is Gone...Gone...and Gone! And let's just be's not the same. Good or Bad....Paula had a way of bridging things together.....when things started falling apart for the contestants. You gotta love her for that! Idol producers made a HUGE mistake not giving her a few extra pennies to come back. Bad Move!

3- I will be the first one to say....I love Ellen! I think she's funny ....she has a great show ....but....she adds nothing....absolutely nothing to the show. She is not in the music business....she's a comedian...that's not what Idol is all about! It's about industry professionals giving the contestants constructive criticism so they can hone their skills for the upcoming week! Sorry Ellen!

4- They picked too many girls with the same type of sound! There are at least four girls on the show who have that folksy artsy sound! I guess when they went from city to city...they had the same thing in mind apparently. I guess at least they were consistant at something!

5- The buzz is that it's time for a girl to win. Yeah...maybe, but this is the deal....America is voting....and most of them are "tweeners" who are not voting for the girls. They are voting for boys like Tim Urban who is "Zac Efron look alike" but can't even stay on all! Poor thing was a little train wreck the other night! You know if Paula was still there... she would have taken care of that! Ryan Seacrest has had to take up where Paula left off in that department.

And Last But Not Least......

The only comment that Ellen makes for the guys is "your just adorable ....I really like you!" And then she refers to a banana? So there you have it!

Layers of Dumb!


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