Monday, March 15, 2010

Time For Tanning Spray!

Spring has officially feels like. So it's officially time for a self tanning product that doesn't streak! I will be taking a poll of which product you use for tanning! Please don't say a tanning bed...cuz I stopped doing that a long time ago! You can't tell me that they get all of the DNA stuff off of that tanning bed.....just the thought of it creeps me out! With a quick squirt and a swipe.....especially if a teen is doing the cleaning. So that is not an option!

I have used a really good one in the past...but now I don't have my hook-up to Arbonne anymore. The Arbonne spray was a really good one but it cost about $18 a bottle that you can go through very quickly. But it was great because in didn't streak! Right now I am using a neutrogena misting spray...but if you miss a spot it looks really really bad! So please leave a comment!

Hope all you Sista's have a week!



Victoria's Secret is what I have tried. I still have some if you want to try it.


I have my tan in a can airbrushed on at Mandalay Mist. It's kind of pricey, $40, but it looks like the real deal!


The Neutrogena foam works pretty good.


I use Lasting Envy: Spray Tan In a Can by EnvyTan. This is a professional self tanner so it is a little more expensive than what you would find at your local Target or Walmart. However, the tan is well worth it. It looks dark and natural, never streaks and can be applied without the help of anyone else. At less than $25.00 a can this stuff is fantastic.