Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You Said No Tattoo!

So get this! My 14 yr-old son, aka...Big Boo, came home from school on Monday afternoon with all smiles on as usual! As a Mom of two....if one out of two come home in a good mood...things are REALLY GOOD! So ....the Boo wasn't home long when I noticed something was coming out from beneath his shirt and I asked " Just what is that?" He pulled up the sleeve of his shirt and this is what I found?

OK?....I said ...when did you have time to do that at school...
Isn't FCAT this week? "Yeah", but I got through early
and got bored!

As a Mama I can take this two ways....
#1...Isn't that sweet that he loves me
so much that he tatoo'd Mom on his arm!
#2....I know my son well enough to know
when he thinks he's done with something..
that really means he didn't finish what
he started!

So what could I say really? It made me laugh! The ironic thing is that Boo and I are a lot alike and we can talk just about anything. I don't want either one of my kids one day to say well, "Mom didn't have a talk with us about that or anything". I don't want those words to every come out of their mouth! So....when the opportunity presents itself.....(which lately...seems quite a bit!) I certainly take advantage of the opportunity to talk about every thing from drugs to tobacco...drinking and driving ...teenage things..... and a little of the birds and bee's as well!

Funny thing is that we just talked about tattoo's just a few weeks ago! I explained to him how permanent they are....and when he get's married some really wouldn't look good if he decides to get something rolling down his arm or neck. Of course...he whole-heartedly agreed.."I would never do that". And one week rolls by and he comes home with this.( really it's just a marker from school.)

What bothers this? I didn't even know my son's muscles had gotten that big! I know he works out and plays Lacrosse until he can't play anymore...but geez...this is a BIG Muscle for a 14-yr-old 8th grader!
It has really got me thinking....he's looking more and more like an adult! I am here to tell you  ....I don't know if I am ready for all of this!

Seriously....I know someone out there must have a teen that has been through this...I'm scared of the unknown....I know I shouldn't be.....but I don't like surprises either...the soulmate can attest to that! So if you are one of my Sista's ...please do share....because I'm kind of thinkin...I'm in for it?

Hugs to My Sista's!




Funny, the first thing I saw was that bulging bicep! They do grow up fast don't they?!!?

I can't help you out on the ink thing since I have one. Our rule, since Honey wants one, is once you're financially on your own you can do what you want so we've got until she's out of college before we have to worry about her getting the real deal!

Lunch after Bebe's wedding?


In my house I have girls and it is amazing how fast they grow up! Have a great week!



When is her wedding? I thought it was in April!