Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's Snowing Out The Wazoo!

They said it was coming! It's finally here and the snow hasn't stopped since 10 a.m. this morning. I got up to run to Target before it started to try to get last minute goodies..just in case we got snowed in for the New Year!

So...I am at the checkout line and glanced outside to see a blizzard going on!!Lil Bon said, "Mama...hurry up or we are gonna get stranded"! You mean in a wreck...not stranded. So....we grabbed the buggy and hurried out the door!! When I got home...which is only two minutes from my house....this is what I came home too!
Seriously....can you believe that this happened so fast!

It's been kind of funny lately....everyone keeps telling us that Colorado is breaking the weather to the DeLoney's very easy! "It's never been this mild" all we keep hearing! It snow's up in the mountains every other week or even day....but that's an hour away from us in Denver. So if you're a weather bug and watch the news at night and see it that it's's usually in what we call the High Country...not in Denver particularly.

So all of this is making one boy very happy!
This is Troy....(my other boy....or so I've claimed him as mine!)

Troy is here visiting us from Tampa from our old neighborhood....he is one of Big Boo's bestie's!
He is loving all the snow and the soulmate took them up to Copper Mountain he's been in La La Land here with us! We love him dearly!

In fact....they are all playing in the snow right I'd better get out and take some photo's!

Peace Out!!! To all my Sista's!!