Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Apparently Hamsters Are In! Want To Win One...Find Out How?

Do you recognize this?

Apparently I live on another planet! Or so I'm told by A CVS employee who spilled the beans
to me earlier today when I stopped in the store for a card. Well my friends.....I have hit
the jackpot on these things. So I will be giving one away within the next two weeks.
Yes....I have been looking for some followers.....just because I like to amuse
myself and think someone want's to laugh at the same things that I do.

So Here's How it Going to Go Down!
Post my site on your page and send me a comment letting me know and
become a follower and let me know that as well, and I will figure out from my friend Shawn over at
Seriously how to pick the winner.

Tell me which one you want and's just
that simple! O and could someone please scroll down and
figure out how I can have my name in the Signature that I
can't ever seem to get out of the Box....Lord help me.
That could enter your name twice. Or just make me a
pretty signature and send it over to

Good Luck Sista's!




Let me just tell you - I want to be the people that decide what's going to be the HOT toy this year. Kennedy is DYING over this toy ... and it's no where to be FOUND!!

They are selling for $50 on ebay!!!!


You have no idea what you have there in that hamster! I know SO many people who are hunting for them :) I'm posting about it right now so LOOK OUT.

Re: the signature, should I assume you've already seen this? I've never tried it, but it looks so cute!


These are on a couple little people's lists in the Land of Pink...I wasn't aware they were in such demand, however! We are last minute shoppers usually, and have never run into a hot item (our kids live sheltered lives, what can I tell you?), SO... Count me in :)

I'm not sure what you want to do with your signature, but you can check mine out. I got it here and just pasted it in a html gadget box. Does that help? I've also got mine at the end of each me and I'll tell you how to do that proverbs4mom [at] aol [dot] com.

Be good...I'm following you! (I'll come back later for my second entry)

That Girl

My daughter would love the gray one! I became a follower and posted about your blog.


WooHoo!! Did you ever hit the Jackpot! I have a little one who is dying for one of these. I won't pay the crazy prices at the store but would LOVE to win one. Thank you soooo much for the very generous giveaway!!

I posted on my blog.

Please include us.



I also became a follower!! A new one! Thank you again.


OH.. and a ton of people use to pick a winner .. or you could always do the paper pieces in hat draw :)

Have a great day!


Wow! I didn't know I needed one until just now! Whichever one you want to give away (to me of course) is perfectly fine!
I just signed up to follow you too.
My daughter would LOVE it!!!! And then maybe we can get sell another hedgehog...


Have I told you today that I love you! I love that you called me to tell me you bought one for me! I love that you're consistently caring and giving to others and loyal to the end when it comes to your family and friends!

I'll post al about it and I will even work on your signature for you!

Breakfast this week!!!!!!!


I just became a new follower of yours! Great blog! My daughter is PLEADING FOR ONE for Christmas and I don't know how or why but she ALWAYS asks for the hardest things to get every year so fingers crossed! It would be a great break if we won this, thanks for the chance!



I also posted your giveaway on my blog:

My daughter would love a brown one because she feels they are the cutest, lol.


This and That

Why on earth we need this one I have NO idea, since we actually own a live flesh and blood hamster but.....son wants the Gray one!!

I blogged about ya and am a follower now too! I am also looking for followers if you you are intersted :)



Hi! I came over from Shaun at Seriously's blog. Would love to win a ZhuZhu-my girls want one so bad and they are no where to be found! They would love the brown one or the gray one. I am now following you :) Have a great day!


I came over from Shawn's
I am off to post about it on my blog now!
I have been looking for one of these for 3 months! I wouldn't care which one it is! :)


I just became a follower! ;)


I just posted about it on my blog!


Posting your give away today!


Count me in if you are still holding this give away! :) I'm a follower now!


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