Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ode To My Oprah!

Oh my Lord...what am I going to do at 4:00? For as long as I can remember my girlfriend has come to see me every day at 4:00! Bad day or good day....she always had something to say!

My Soul Sista Oprah!

I would get nestled in to my favorite chair everyday and this would be "my time" for me to soak it all in! I don't think there has ever been a topic she hasn't covered. In every question she's asked or guest she was always exactly what I wanted to know! Imagine that...she was reading my mind. It must be a broadcasting thing! I think personally is certainly because she is so genuine and real. The unique thing is that every time she speaks it's like she's talking directly to you and no one else.

That is why so many people resonated and admired Oprah! She really gets it!

Oprah grew up in Kosiasko Mississippi where both of my parents were born and raised....near Clarksdale Mississippi! Not much going on in that little town. But one thing I do know.....that little town produced the Queen of the Delta and for that we have all been blessed!

So many things she talks about on her Master Class on the OWN Network I can totally relate to, but I won't get into that....just watch....some of you will get it!

I know it's not goodbye because she has her OWN Network.....but I will sure miss the daily shows and how much I would get out of them! I am so glad I at least got to visit her show in Chicago about six years ago with my friend Lynda Stoller. She hooked us up!

I will miss you Oprah!