Monday, May 9, 2011

I Almost Went Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs!!!!

You know what some southern people say....If you don't have something nice to say.....just come sit by me. Well I got something to scoochie on ovah!!

Yesterday was just OK for me! I think it's just hit me that I don't live near my Southern
Sista's...aka...friends from Florida. I've just been a little funk that doesn't seem to be going anywhere for some reason. So my day started off with this picture taken before church!

Well...if you can see by the look on their faces....they weren't happy about taking the pic...but what else is new. Austin hates his picture made and makes it hard on the whole family when it comes time to take them. In fact...the soulmate took about ten and this is the only one worth showing due to his many faces he thinks is cute.

So after church...they wanted to send me to the mall to shop and have a girly day. Well....under the circumstances I really didn't feel like shopping so...I was thinking a NAP and chick flick sounded good!
Took the nap and went to see the new movie called "Something Borrowed"! (which was great by the way!)

So I was running a tad bit late and the ticket taker guy told me "no worries" just trailers still showing. He said..." if you need a drink the back concessions is open". So there was only one guy in line in front of me. So he leaves and I step up to hear the "Goth Chic" tell me...."Sorry I'm closed". I said..."the guy up front said you were open". She said...."well...I'm not!" Right behind her was a guy putting all a TON of popcorn in a clear big trash bag. I said..." seriously....I will pay you for a bag of popcorn"! She just stared at me and said..."well..that is all getting thrown away right now"!

I wanted to come across the Counter and go after her Goth self...but I remembered the sermon from earlier in the morning...that made me hold myself back. I said to myself..."Ok Missy Missy...this is not the end...but your crusty ole black eyeliner self is not going to make me miss my movie!

So afterwards I did see a Manager and he was just furious when I told him and he apologized profusely and little Miss Goth was SHO GONNA have some "splainin" to do!. He said...I know exactly who it was and I will take care of it .."I assure you!" He offered me a free pass...but I declined. I wanted him to know I was serious....not just complaining for the heck of it!

So I never got my popcorn...and I will try not to let that ruin my Monday!)But
Sista did get her point across!