Friday, June 10, 2011

8 Things You Need To Know About Kids?

Who really knows what's going through your kids minds at this day and age! I mean really! What something means to you ....means totally something to them. Here are some things that I think they get confused!

1.  When you say..."Not now"....that really means "Never" to them.

2.  When you say "Maybe"...let's be's a straight up "Yes" everytime.

3.  Anytime you plan a can bet that they will be eating with friends that night!

4.  When you say "Let's go shopping?" When you get them anything...."They are DONE! And want to  get home immediately! Your going home with "nada"!! That is so NOT NICE!!

5.  When you stop and give them money to run into the store.....please know that you will not be    getting any change back....NEVAH!

6.  If you asked them to clean their room before they leave......KNOW you better check it to them prior to leaving. YOUR cleaning and THEIR cleaning are not even on the same planet?

7.  When you say ...."Did you brush your teeth? might want to check the toothbrush from time to time. Gross...but I'm just sayin!

8.  At the end of the parents we Know absolutely nothing......and they know everything! Uhmmmm.....what I want to know what is age are they when this all turns around!